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I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer, with proficiency in backend technologies like Node.js and Python, as well as frontend tools like React.js, Astro, and Next.js. I excel in CSS3 styling and utilize modern frameworks like Tailwind CSS. My database expertise includes PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MariaDB, with proficiency in ORMs like Prisma and SQLAlchemy. I've worked with frameworks like FastAPI and Express. My Agile Methodologies background complements my strong QA skills, covering manual and automated testing with Selenium, Cypress, and Playwright. On a personal note, I'm an Inline Hockey enthusiast 🏒 and a devoted fan of Harry Potter ⚡ and Lord of the Rings 🌄.

Manoel Lopes, Preparing his hockey stick for a game!

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This website is designed to help personal trainers connect with their clients.

Tech Stack

Tests Tracking

Application to get all data from Excel Sheets and show it in a user friendly way.

Tech Stack


This simple todo web application was developed using Next.js, Prisma and Tailwindcss.

Tech Stack

<Working On />

Test Tracker v2.0

Test Track is a powerful and user-friendly test management tool designed to streamline and optimize the testing track of tested hardware components.

Tech Stack

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